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Andrew Zane Allen


Being a participant in this project helped me express myself in ways I never have. It gave me an opportunity to explore other areas and ideas of my identity and my relationship with masculinity. 


I’m not used to being in front of the camera, but I loved the concept of the project, I loved the prospect of conceptualizing my own look and I love clothing that tells a story. In designing my outfit I tried my best to make the concept intriguing, gothic and gaudy, and androgynous. I felt like it gave me the latitude to express the combination of femininity, masculinity and attitude that defines me. 


At some point when I was young I lost touch with my emotions and with my identity. I became so detached and unaware of my feelings and I started to feel more and more incomplete, and have been uncovering, rediscovering and building those things back up. Taking part in this project as a model has been the most fun and affirming part of that experience

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