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BORN is a multimedia exhibit that employs photography, film, dance and textiles to explore the LGBTQ+ experience, particularly as it relates to gender expression, through the lens of fast fashion. Our team is composed of artists from a broad range of styles and mediums, and prides itself on a diversity of gender identities and experiences. Emerging over the last thirty years, fast fashion is a set of retail and supply chain strategies that quickly bring the latest trends from international runways to the mass market in the form of low-cost, low-quality apparel. While fast fashion practices have been criticized for generating a culture of frequent purchasing and disposal, current discourse exists almost entirely in a small cabal of academic writing from a cisgendered, heterosexual perspective. These critiques neglect the impact of fast fashion on body image and gender expression. BORN aims to explore and expose another of fast fashion’s downsides: its undermining of self-acceptance and body image through the proliferation of apparel that reinforces thinness and the gender binary as norms.