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River Scholl


I’d rather do back alley dentistry than go shopping for clothes. Worse than the funhouse mirror perception my body dysmorphia creates is the fact that my body shape and style must fit within the narrow offerings of financially-accessible clothing store. I long for fitted clothes with a nice v-neck top and deep pockets made from durable material, however current women's clothing forces you to choose. Women's clothing can be fitted and have a v-neck but 

the durable materials and deep pockets are reserved for men. I want a dapper vest that sits right over my female chest whose large size is never accounted for in menswear. Apparently manly shoulders that are too large for the dainty women’s clothes. It’s exhausting and it has made finding my own style a war that I am losing badly. Why must designers bully us into such a rigid binary? In a world with nearly 10,000 years of recorded fashion to pull from and seemingly never-ending new technologies to design amazing new styles of clothes that few have even dreamed of: Why are we still so caged by a gender binary that is even more artificial than cheap 70s polyester?

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