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Ryan Geary


Capturing the world through cameras has always fascinated me. One can study light and composition, but the key to compelling photography is perspective. By observing through a lens, I can celebrate a person's spirit. Some are eager to share this, while others not so much. When shooting portraits, it's imperative the model is comfortable and in their element. The best photos feel authentically raw. Photos often tell stories with body language and fashion, but these can transcend clothing and gender. Queer lives face many hardships that force us to re-assess our identity. We quickly learn that not all bodies are palatable to the world of commercial fashion.


As we progress, more people are choosing to reject society's rigid binary—both in and outside of the LGBTQ+ community. I was beyond thrilled to be a part of The Born Project so I could dive into this perspective. The experience was a reminder that we should always embrace who we are.


At times, I believe photography has been my coping mechanism for feeling like an outsider. It's allowed me to focus on things other than myself; to find beauty in the world rather than within. But ultimately I've discovered more about myself thanks to photography. I've realized that no matter what goals we set, whether material or mental, we must learn to love ourselves in order to achieve them.

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