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Andrew Allen


I am a filmmaker based in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to a BS in Film Studies from Portland State University I have worked as a cinematographer, writer, and co-director for a variety of projects, most recently the Best Picture winner at the Oregon Short Film Festival Come Home To Me. Surrealism, allegory, human behavior, and catharsis are prevalent themes I prefer to explore in my work and collaborations.


Being behind the camera is where I’m the most comfortable, trying to figure out how to support the project vision, capture the subject and do it with as much creativity and inventiveness as I can. This project was all about leaving space, creating an environment and atmosphere that reflected the subjects, and letting their performance direct the imagery. 


What I hope for most is that these images leave you with the most palpable and raw expression of these beautiful humans. The intensity and vulnerability of their performances were sobering at times, inspiring at others and left me so proud and grateful to have been a part of it. I hope you feel a little of the same.

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