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RISE + SHINE - Dancers - B+W [PHOTO BY _MIKEDUNNUSA] - 0062.jpg

Kenny Frechette


I am an independent dance and performing artist based in Portland, Oregon. Over the past decade I have spent my time training and engaging with dance/movement communities in Florida, New York City, Seattle, and in Europe. My most recent projects include dance films, festival performances, experimental theater, and working with Shaun Keylock Company (Portland, OR). My practice is in an exciting state of expansion as I cultivate more opportunities to teach, create work, and build community around the things that move me. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Studies from the University of Florida, with foundational training in both dance and theatre techniques / processes.


My process for The Born Project was informed by the work I’m doing around exploring and reclaiming my repressed femininity. Growing up queer and closeted under Catholicism in the South taught me to hide many parts of myself, even from my own awareness, to survive. Only in the past couple years have these parts been identified and begun to find expression, integration. The child that wore their mother’s heels and sister’s skirts when nobody was home, that adored women with long hair while being forbidden to grow their own, that felt more at home with aunts and grandmothers and girls their age than the boys they were grouped with, has been finding their way out from a grotto inside me and into the ways I move through the world. That child had a say and play in how I inhabited my role in this piece.

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