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Garrett Recker

Director & Creative Producer

A passion for gender-affirming spaces was born through my experiences as a transgender, non-binary individual who was brought up Catholic in the Midwest. My work aims to champion queer narratives, illuminate socio-economic disparities, and bring forward the everyday monsters of the human experience. I graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production in 2021. Since graduation I have worked in the production and development field at MoJo Global Arts, Muse Storytelling, and Fireshoe Productions. My current work is as a studio coordinator and producer at Dust Studios LA, a California-based photography and film production house. Born emerged parallel to my own gender exploration and discovery over the past two years. It was a creative outlet where I could reflect what I was experiencing in relation to the fashion industry.


This project is the culmination of a lifelong passion for culturally responsive media and film. I look forward to all future opportunities to extend this work so that gender expansive individuals like myself might see themselves reflected on screens. When we create spaces where all lives are represented, we communicate the incredible value that each life around us holds.

Born was made possible by funding from the Andries Deinum Prize for Visionaries and Provocateurs. As director and creative producer, I had the incredible opportunity to organize a diverse and expressive team. My dream is that this work is received by those that have also not seen their gender identity or expression represented in the media they consume. PSU’s motto also helped to shape this work; “Let knowledge serve the city.” What started as a reflection of my own experience has now grown into the reflection of a community of artists that will now serve future youth as a mirror of their possible selves.

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