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Nathanial Owens


Being an openly gender-fluid, gay person has let me know that my confidence wasn't always there. I gained my confidence and fashion sense surprisingly when I got Osteosarcoma (aka solid bone cancer). I was 13 years old and felt like I didn't have a sense of myself or who I wanted to be. As I sat inside my hospital bed I saw my first episode of Project Runway. I was complete hooked! The idea of taking time to learn the way of fashion, color and patterns was so mesmerizing to me. I believe it has to do with the fact that I felt so grey inside, and seeing all the love and color on the screen made me realize I can live my fantasy.

So to de-gender fashion has always been an issue for me, for my sizes are not normal because of my metabolism issues and my right leg being robotic on the inside. So having one side of my pants fit and the other are super loose makes it hard for me to find, since men's clothing are too loose and women's are too tight. But when I go into local thrift places, they have genderless and I find the perfect clothing I feel confident in. Goodwill, Ross, thrift stores. Finding anything I remotely liked and altered it to fitting my size and making me feel the confidence I deserve! So getting to create my own design and have a unique one-of-a-kind outfit is everything to me. It brings me joy to know that even if I'm born to stand out, I can still fit in the clothes I wanna wear with confidence.

So my motto is:

"Positive vibes deserve to be in your lives!"

Because y'all need to know that no matter where you are at in life, you matter and your purpose is worth it. Remember fashion is about you. So wear what makes you feel like you. Because only you can be you. 

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